Experience financial freedom with DisruptTech’s virtual card, available right on your phone. Enjoy seamless transactions, lower conversion fees, and enhanced security with our innovative digital card, perfect for both local and international spending.

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Global Payment Account Solutions by Disrupttech

Experience Effortless Global Commerce with Disrupttech: Revolutionize your financial management and bid farewell to complexities. Welcome to a world of efficient, seamless global payment solutions.


Streamlined Onboarding: Bypass the complexities of conventional banking. In just 10 minutes, you can have your account up and running, ready for seamless transactions.


Affordable Transactions: Engage in global payments at attractive rates, minimizing your costs and propelling your business towards expansion and success.


Fast Settlements:
Leverage our efficient payment and collection network for the luxury of same-day settlements, enhancing your financial operations with unmatched speed and convenience.


Global Trust:
Our operations, licensed in various countries and adhering to stringent regulations, guarantee a secure and compliant financial landscape, ensuring trust on a global scale.

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What is the Disrupttech Virtual Card?

The Disrupttech Virtual Card revolutionizes spending by offering the real exchange rate for online, in-store, and travel purchases – all conveniently accessible from your Disrupttech account on your phone or laptop.

Leave your wallet behind and embrace a world of security and convenience. Your virtual card, distinct from your physical one, can be securely frozen after each transaction. This ensures that no matter where you are globally, your spending is not only smart and straightforward but also exceptionally secure.

Safely spend online, in-store, and abroad with the DisruptTech Virtual Card.

Secure Transactions: DisruptTech’s virtual debit card allows instant freezing post-purchase for added security, keeping virtual and physical cards separate.

Tailored Spending: Manage expenses easily with up to three specialized virtual cards.

Global Shopping: Enjoy seamless integration with digital wallets and real exchange rates.

Instant Access: Order your physical card and get a free virtual card in our app, available to all non-US account holders.

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Experience the groundbreaking impact of cutting-edge fintech, reshaping your financial interactions with ease and efficiency.