Navigating the Currents of Crypto News Last Week

Crypto News Last Week

Navigating the Currents of Crypto News Last Week

In our weekly roundup of crypto news last week, the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency once again demonstrated its capacity for both unforeseen challenges and remarkable innovations. This article offers insights into the most impactful stories from the past week, shedding light on how these developments influence the evolving narrative of digital currencies.


The world of cryptocurrency continues to be a fascinating technological and financial innovation arena. Last week’s crypto news was particularly noteworthy, ranging from the birth of a new exchange by former FTX executives to the alarming surge in phishing scams targeting crypto users. Let’s unpack these developments and understand their implications.

1. The Phoenix from FTX's Ashes: Trek Labs' New Crypto Exchange

The crypto world witnessed a significant development last week with the announcement of a new cryptocurrency exchange, Backpack Exchange, under Trek Labs. This new venture, spearheaded by former executives of the now-defunct FTX, marks a notable attempt to rise from the ashes of FTX’s collapse. Set in the burgeoning tech hub of Dubai, Trek Labs aims to address the critical issue that contributed to FTX’s downfall – the security of customer funds.


Their approach is innovative, focusing on a self-custody solution that integrates multiparty computation (MPC) techniques. This technology is designed to ensure that customer funds remain secure, a stark contrast to the vulnerabilities exposed in the FTX saga. By learning from past mistakes and implementing robust security measures, Trek Labs is positioning itself as a trustworthy player in the volatile world of cryptocurrency exchanges.

2. A $27 Million Hack: A Warning for Crypto Security

The crypto community was shaken last week by a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in digital asset security. A crypto wallet suffered a devastating breach, resulting in the loss of $27 million in USDT. This significant financial hit highlights the ever-present risks in the crypto world and serves as a clarion call for heightened security measures across the board. The rapid and sophisticated manner in which the stolen funds were converted and moved — from Tether to Ethereum, then to Bitcoin via various exchanges and protocols — underscores the advanced tactics employed by cybercriminals in the cryptocurrency space.


This incident is not just a single event but a symptom of a larger issue in the realm of digital currencies. It brings to the forefront the urgent need for robust security solutions to protect assets in the crypto ecosystem. As the technology and strategies used by hackers grow more sophisticated, so must the security measures adopted by individuals and organizations in the crypto industry. The $27 million hack is a sobering reminder of the constant vigilance and innovation required to safeguard digital assets in an increasingly digitalized financial world.

27m USDT Stolen
Source: @zachxbt

3. XRP's Anticipated Surge: A Market Watch

Last week in the crypto market, the spotlight turned to XRP, as anticipation built around a significant price surge predicted by market analysts. This forecast has set the stage for what could be a pivotal moment for XRP, closely tied to Bitcoin’s market performance. The notion of an ‘XRP blast’ within the next 72 hours has captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike, presenting a potentially exciting development in the cryptocurrency space. The prediction is rooted in historical market trends, particularly the intriguing pattern of XRP trailing Bitcoin’s price movements but with a consistent lag.


This anticipated movement in XRP’s value is more than just a speculative event; it represents the dynamic and interconnected nature of cryptocurrency markets. XRP’s potential price surge is seen as an alignment with Bitcoin’s trajectory, suggesting a possible shift in the crypto market’s behavior. Such correlations underscore the complex and often interlinked patterns within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, where the movement of one major player like Bitcoin can have a ripple effect (no pun intended) across other digital currencies. As the countdown to the ‘XRP blast’ continues, the crypto community watches with bated breath, ready to witness how these predictions will play out in the ever-fluctuating landscape of digital finance.

XRP to the Moon
Source: CryptoinsightUK

4. Phishing Scam Targets Crypto Users via Fake Skype App

The crypto community was recently alerted to a sophisticated phishing scam in China, targeting users through a fake Skype application. This nefarious scheme highlights the evolving tactics of cybercriminals in the digital age. The scammers exploited China’s ban on international applications, capitalizing on the demand for these apps among mainland users. By crafting a counterfeit Skype app, they created a deceptive trap that led to significant financial losses for unsuspecting crypto enthusiasts. This incident is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of digital assets and the ingenuity of those aiming to exploit these vulnerabilities.


The implications of this scam extend beyond the immediate financial losses. It underscores the need for heightened awareness and caution among crypto users when navigating third-party platforms. The use of cloned applications as a vector for attack represents a growing trend in cybercrime, one that requires a proactive and informed response from the crypto community. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex, the importance of robust security measures and user education becomes paramount. This phishing incident serves as a crucial wake-up call, urging the crypto world to fortify its defenses against such cunning and destructive threats.

Fake Skype App Phishing Scam
Source: Baidu

5. JPMorgan's Skepticism Over Crypto Market Rally

Last week, JPMorgan’s critical perspective on the recent surge in the crypto market captured significant attention. Their report suggested that the prevailing bullish sentiment, especially around the potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs, might be overly optimistic. This analysis by one of the world’s leading financial institutions brings a sobering perspective to the recent market rally, hinting that it might be more of a speculative bubble than a reflection of the market’s underlying health. JPMorgan analysts raised questions about the sustainability of the rally, providing a counterpoint to the widespread enthusiasm within the crypto community.


Their skepticism is rooted in a detailed analysis of market dynamics and investor behavior. JPMorgan points out that instead of attracting new capital, the potential approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs might simply redistribute existing investments within the crypto sector. This perspective challenges the narrative of a burgeoning market and suggests a more cautious approach to interpreting current trends. The report also touches on broader regulatory and industry developments, reflecting on how these might impact the future trajectory of the crypto market. In essence, JPMorgan’s skepticism acts as a critical lens, encouraging a more nuanced understanding of the complexities and uncertainties inherent in the cryptocurrency landscape.

JP Morgan

Whitelabel Crypto Debit Cards: A Promising Avenue

Amidst these developments, the concept of white-label crypto debit cards continues to gain traction. These cards offer a bridge between the digital currency space and traditional financial systems, allowing for easier and more secure transactions. With the crypto landscape facing both challenges and opportunities, white-label crypto debit cards emerge as a viable solution for mainstream adoption.

Conclusion: Reflecting on Crypto News Last Week

As we reflect on last week’s developments in the cryptocurrency world, we observe a landscape rich with both challenges and opportunities. The emergence of new ventures like Trek Labs’ Backpack Exchange juxtaposes the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, as seen in the phishing scams targeting crypto users.


In this ever-evolving market, the significance of innovations like white-label crypto debit cards becomes more pronounced. These cards not only bolster security and ease of use for digital currencies but also serve as a crucial link between the traditional and digital financial ecosystems. Keeping abreast of these changes and advancements is vital, as the journey of cryptocurrency continues, marked by both potential hurdles and avenues for significant breakthroughs.

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